July 15, 2010
Still Think The Nazis Weren’t Socialists?

I see misguided American leftists still denying the fact that Nazis were socialists. Their ignorance is based on hearsay (some know the truth, yet lie to try and distance hardcore leftism from Nazism to no avail) and has nothing to do with historical fact.

The Nazi (National Socialist) Party published a magazine called the Nationalsozialistischen Briefe (National Socialist Letters). This magazine was used by the the Nazi party leadership to espouse their semimonthly socialist views. The National Socialist Letters magazine was published by Otto Strasser and had Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s lead wind-up monkey and propagandist, as its editor-in-chief.

The Nazis published the following statements about socialism and capitalism when they presented their public “manifesto” in the National Socialist Letters: “We are socialists; We are enemies, mortal enemies, of the present-day capitalist economic system…We are resolved to annihilate this system despite everything.” If you can find scanned copies of the Nationalsozialistischen Briefe, and you know German, you can amuse yourself by reading the socialist tripe throughout the magazine. There’s no doubt the Nazis were socialists, despite what American leftist revisionists would have you believe. A simple read of anything Goebbels wrote would eliminate any questions a real seeker of truth would have.

If you still contend that the Nazis weren’t socialists, I suggest you perfect your swan dive into the fan blades of an industrial air conditioner…or you can join the rest of us here in reality.

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